Use the Fake Name Generator in your Ruby application

Bill Turner has put together a neat Ruby gem that allows you to easily use the Fake Name Generator API in your Ruby application. The code is free to use and available on GitHub.

Getting a Fake Name Generator API key is fast and free. You can perform 50 API calls per month at no cost, and it is only $0.001 (1/10 of a cent) per API call after that.

Want to perform even more API calls for free? Here are a few ways to earn free API credits:

  1. Help make Bill’s Ruby gem even better.
  2. Create an API wrapper in another language, such as PHP or Java.
  3. Use the Fake Name Generator to teach in a classroom setting (this includes homeschool classrooms of one or more students).

Please contact us if any of the above apply to you, or for more information.

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