PostgreSQL, Oracle and Informix

We’ve added PostgreSQL, Oracle and Informix to our list of supported bulk order formats. We now support 5 database formats:

  • IBM Informix (tested with Informix Dynamic Server 11.50)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (tested with SQL Server 2005)
  • MySQL (tested with MySQL 5.1)
  • Oracle (tested with Oracle 10g Express)
  • PostgreSQL (tested with PostgreSQL 8.4)

Please let us know if you run into any problems using any of our bulk order formats!

On an unrelated note, we are now serving static content from a cookie-less domain. This should make all pages load faster.

We’ve also corrected some display problems for IE6 and IE7. In a perfect world, these browsers wouldn’t exist, but until then we’re willing to put forth a little effort to make the Fake Name Generator usable in them.

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