Added Sweden

You can now generate Swedish addresses. It was a bit trickier than the others have been so far, mainly due to a lack of online Swedish-English webpage translators, but I think I have it figured out. The street name comes first, which is often a single word because apparantly in Swedish you can sometimes group multiple words together (for example, skostorlek, which is a combination of “shoe” and “size”). Or maybe they just don’t use suffixes like “street” and “drive”. Not sure. Anywas. First street, then street number.

The next line has the postal code followed by the city. For some reason they don’t list a state. Looking over how their country is organized, they don’t really have states, but rather large county-like regions.

But anyways, there you go. If you plan on ordering some in bulk, make sure you generate a few on the main page first to make sure the output is acceptable to you.

In addition, I changed some of the options to use drop down boxes so that things won’t be as cluttered.

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